Salt and Light to our World….Conservative

Salt and Light to our World….Conservative

Our world hates the person who loves Jesus and does what He has planned for their lives. I wonder why that is?

2 Tim 3:12 “Yes, and all who desire to live godly in Christ Jesus will suffer persecution.”

Part of living a godly life is to be “salt and light” to a lost world. To all believers or conservatives (born again) our Lord entrusts an awesome responsibility. So the question is, how is, how do our lives stack up to God’s expectations for us! And remember that being a ‘born again’ believer is not based on our worlds definition which is to have the name of Jesus in the church you attend and based on your good deeds and even your families religious tradition. It is based totally on Jesus sacrifice for our sins.

Gal 2:21 “I do not set aside the grace of God; for if righteousness comes through the law, then Christ died in vain.”

So, are you being salt and light today and what does that mean?

Luke 9:23 “And Jesus said unto them, if anyone will come after Me, let them deny themselves, take up their cross daily and follow Me.”

When was the last time you denied yourself of some activity or worldly pleasure so you could perform a service for our Savior?

Isa 30:21 “Whether you turn to the right or to the left, your ears will hear a voice behind you saying, ‘This is the way – walk in it’.”

Mat 5:13, 14 “You are the salt of the earth; but if the salt loses its flavor, how shall it be seasoned? It is then good for nothing, but to be thrown out and trampled underfoot by men. You are the light of the earth; a city that is set on hill cannot be hidden.”

Salt lovingly calls sin as it is sin when our world calls it a disease or your right or whatever. Light also lovingly shares the Gospel to a lost world even when the majority of lost folks tell you to keep it to yourself and who are you to claim your Way to heaven is the only Way. So rate yourself from 1 to 10 on how well you feel you are doing with being salt and light to a dark and sinful world.

How did you do? I think I can safely say that everyone of us has room for much improvement. Especially in our materialistic and morally decaying country that sees the conservative CHRISTian as narrow-minded and dangerous.

It’s an ugly world with plenty of room to be the salt. Salt seasons our world or calls out sin for what it is. And of course if you wish to bring error and sin to the world’s attention you will need to study God’s word so you know God’s truths and absolutes. Yes, there are still and always will be absolutes in our world. The enemy is doing a great job of trying to make everything including sin gray and ok. And review your own life prior to reviewing the lives of others. That requires we deny ourselves or plan to read and study and now we are back to that nasty denial thing again. But we need to understand the blessings of serving are both in this world and out of this world when we are home with Jesus.

So, when was the last time you seasoned your world?

So, let’s get going………..the fields are truly white and waiting for the harvest!